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Dr. Todd C. Jenkins Jr.
Founder of Bowtie Leadership & Development

Dr. Jenkins, also known as Dr. "Bowtie" Todd, is the Founder and CEO of Bowtie Leadership and Development, Inc., a global leadership management training and coaching firm with a focus on bringing diverse people together to increase individual or organizational productivity and performance.

Dr. Jenkins is a certified Leadership Management International Facilitator, Coach and Speaker with more than 10 years of training and development, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion work experience. He is an award-winning chief diversity and inclusion executive, trainer and strategist. He has worked with several clients, 1:1, small and large businesses and organizations throughout Europe, South America,  Asia and North America. He has spoken to crowds as large as 30,000 and trains groups inside fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities and various non-profits. He spends his life dedicated to helping others see their greatness through education, exposure and best practices. His inspiration, energy and motivation have been said to move mountains. 

Dr. Jenkins continues to explore his strong passions through research and practices in leadership training and development for individuals and organizations, youth services and development and intercultural conversations. In particular, Todd’s doctoral dissertation focuses on Management, Leadership, Supervision, and Retention as it relates to the Minority and Millennium Professionals. Outside of work, he is active in his community, an international traveler and spends his time enjoying family and friends.

Why the Bowtie?  “Bowtie” is the art of communication to bring people together through education, exposure, & best practices in a sophisticated way; one conversation at a time. Our company carries out a B.O.W.TIE mission, philosophy and practice of striving to create spaces and ecosystems for all humans to belong and thrive. 

I am blessed to be able to do this through Bowtie Development Leadership training, coaching, and motivational speaking. – Dr. "Bowtie" Todd

Dr. Jenkins motto is inspired by St. Augustine; “The world is like a book… those who do not engage, unravel, and connect to better one’s self and others, only read one page”.

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