What Our Customers Are Saying...

"LMI’s productivity training taught me how to prioritize and follow through. Last year our business was up 30%. A good part of it had to do with the principles that LMI teaches. In addition, LMI’s time management system made an enormous difference in my life.”
-Senior VP, Consumer Products Company

"We use LMI’s sales training with all of our sales staff because its hands-on approach helps change old unproductive habits into new effective behaviors that result in higher sales. After the first year, we had a 15% sales gain."
-Owner, Retail Jeweler

"As an Inc. 500 company, we experienced significant growth in our ten year history. LMI’s process provided what we needed to transition from a small entrepreneurial operation to an effective mid-sized company. We have changed our structure without sacrificing our culture and mission – the heart of our success."
-CEO, Healthcare Company


Bowtie Leadership Consulting is partnered with Leadership Management International, Inc. and locally operated with Interactive Solutions out of Arkansas. We develop high performance organizations by developing world-class leaders who deliver greater results. We provide personal and organizational development that delivers long-term behavioral change, measurable results, and guaranteed ROI. We are marketed in more than 60 countries around the globe.


Deep dive into organizational research, opportunities, and best practices. 

Develop extraordinary leaders.

Deliver extraordinary results.

Research shows the average person utilizes only 20-25% of their existing potential. Small increases in the use of untapped potential can deliver significant results with multiplying effects. An organization can transform its results simply by developing its people. A leadership development program increases effectiveness for the management process, enhances productivity, and builds a results-based leadership culture around diversity and success.

Training and development is a critical component for organizational success. Despite this belief, many companies continue to pour money into programs that fail to deliver long-term results. Many companies send their employees to workshops or seminars throughout the year, yet they continue to experience the same challenges in their workplace.

At Bowtie Leadership Consulting, we take pride in offering long-term leadership development options which allow for the refinement of more successful habits and behaviors leading to success. Participants experience accountability from several sources, including Facilitator, Coach, Supervisor, Mentor, and Group of Peers. These different sources of accountability, coupled with a long-term process, produces positive changes in attitudes and behaviors. These changes translate into increased productivity, performance, results, and a better equipped workforce.